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MIGardener Seeds Kale Lacinato (Dinosaur)

MIGardener Seeds Kale Lacinato (Dinosaur)

$ 2.50

An heirloom variety with 3″ wide blue-green leaves. The leaves reach up to 18″ long and are healthy and delicious. The plant is very cold tolerant and a prolific producer. Leaves become more tender and flavorful after a hard frost. Tastes great when steamed or stir-fried, versatile enough for juicing. Replace these kale leaves with traditional lettuce wraps for a crunchier wrap, make sure to massage the leaves in lemon juice before serving for the best nutrients and flavor! Excellent Source Of Vitamins C and A, Phytonutrients, Iron, and Calcium.

Approximate Seed Count: 300

Days to Maturity: 30-60

Full Sun

Container Friendly


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