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News from the Nest

Chalk Paint® Colors

When selecting a color of Chalk Paint® it sometimes helps to see a piece painted in every color. These furniture pieces are painted with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan®. Keep in mind some have different waxes layered to create unique finishes. These photos were found on Pinterest and are credited with the creator's name. AMSTERDAM GREEN: Go bold with Amsterdam Green Chalk Paint® sealed with Clear & Dark Chalk Paint® Wax. This lightly distressed dresser by stockist MD Haney & Co. of McMinnville, OR shows just how uplifting & versatile this rich, dark green can be!   ANTIBES GREEN: Downington, PA, USA...

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Everything You Need to Know About Round Top/ Warrenton Antiques Week

Everything You Need to Know About Round Top/ Warrenton Antiques Week The world-famous Texas Antiques Week is starting this weekend! Are you ready?  I have compiled this How-To List to help make your Junking Excursion more fun! 1. What is Texas Antiques Week at Round Top/Warrenton?   Antique Weekend takes place over two and one-half weeks that end the first weekend of April and October each year. What started decades ago as a three day show now spans nearly three weeks! Twice a year more than 100,000 people arrive in rural Texas, to shop more than 60 antique, collector, decor and fashion shows...

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It's a Crock!

It’s a Crock! During the great American immigration period of 1790-1890, stoneware crocks were essential! As our pioneer families moved west in search of rich farmland and new opportunities, every mule-drawn wagon carried an assortment of crocks.  Large thirty gallon crocks sealed with a wooden lid and beeswax would protect their precious flour, cornmeal, coffee and sugar. Crock jugs would be used to store water (and of course whiskey!). Every pioneer woman carefully packed her stoneware butter churn and batter bowl. Stoneware serving bowls and plates were the only tableware that many of the settlers brought with them. Stoneware is...

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Sweet T Vintage Market

This Friday and Saturday we will be set up at the Sweet T Vintage Market and Southern Junk Show. You can't miss us, we will be right in front. Bird's Nest will be on the front porch, right inside the front door, and we will also have our 1969 VINTAGE CAMPER parked out front. This is our first show with our newly renovated show camper. We are working day and night to finish up the remodel. Stop by and check it out!

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The History of Sauerkraut and Why it was important to the Pioneer Families

Cabbage is a vegetable that was grown in every pioneer woman's garden. The cabbages were planted in spring, grew all summer long, and were harvested in the Fall when the temperature began to drop. According to tradition, a waning moon was necessary to ensure that the kraut would not swell excessively during fermentation. After harvesting, the cabbages would be piled in the basement. It took two bushels of cabbage to make a ten-gallon crock of kraut. The cabbage would be stripped of the outer, soiled leaves, then quartered, with the center core removed. The kraut cutter would be centered over...

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