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Step by Step Color Wash Technique

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  • Margaret Hansen on

    I love the tutorial, thank you.
    I would like less grey and
    More pale beige or ivory. Do you mak a paint that would give me that result?

  • Marcy Johns on

    The piece turned out beautiful! I’m curious what you put on the top? Did you stain or varnish? I have an old buffet sideboard that I wood like to paint and then leave the top of the piece not painted but I’m debating if I should stain or just put a wax sealer on the bare wood after stripping/sanding it natural. Thanks for any advice you can offer.

  • Mary Schuldt on

    Do you let the base color dry or apply the wash right away?

  • Holly H on

    Beautiful job. I like the way you have “depth” in the way the color varies on the piece. Nice save!

  • Amber on

    I love your step by step tutorial. Extremely helpful! 💗

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