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IOD Erasable Liquid Chalk 5-Pack by Iron Orchid Designs

IOD Erasable Liquid Chalk 5-Pack by Iron Orchid Designs

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  • More than just chalkboards, IOD Erasable Liquid Chalk can be used on any non-porous surface. The possibilities are endless – storefront glass, vintage windows, laminate wood flooring, vinyl, mirrors, and more! Now add colors to the mix and it’s PLAYTIME – with the easiest clean-up evah!!
  • Five 2-ounce plastic bottles of liquid chalk in the following colors: Black, White, China Blue, Tomotto (red) and Turmeric (yellow). 
  • This erasable liquid chalk takes chalkboard art stamping to the next level. With this chalk you can create all those cute signs and change them as many times as your heart desires. If you make a mistake, that’s okay. Just erase your error and redo your creation. You can use this medium on chalkboards, glass, vinyl, or any sealed non porous surface, even wood if sealed.
  • Erasable liquid chalk is an erasable medium intended to use on erasable (non porous) surfaces, with IOD Decor Stamps. ELC is pigment rich, a little goes a very long way. We recommend applying the ELC with a brayer, in a thin even amount, onto the stamps. ELC has a generous open time suitable for stamping. Drying time varies depending on the conditions and application.
    • Choose a non-porous surface
    • Prime your surface by rubbing the side of a piece of chalk across the entire surface and then erase with a damp cloth
    • Some surfaces, such as handpainted chalkboards, will have some ghosting when erased as with any chalk pen; This can be completely removed with a Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser  
    • Don’t want to clean with Mr. Clean? The IOD Erasable Liquid Chalk actually has more erasable qualities than chalk pens; If you’d like to avoid ANY ghosting simply coat your handmade chalkboard with a clear polyacrylic sealer or purchase a manufactured non-porous chalkboard
    • If you want to mix erasable liquid chalk colors, pour them on an acrylic sheet, mix and use an IOD brayer to apply them to the stamp surface.
  • Ships from Texas within one business day of purchase!

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